Three Doors Escape

Three Doors Escape Games

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Welcome!! Hello!
Janitor’s kyousuke
Thank you for coming also to this site!
It is the personal site which makes and exhibits the game using Flash.
It is the ordinary target escape game that the contents of a game escape from the closed room.
Please enjoy yourself for nothing

How to play an escape game
It is the purpose that an escape game escapes from the shut-up room
Therefore, click the various places of a game screen and find an item and a hint
The got item is displayed on right-hand side
If an item is chosen and clicked, the action of plus will occur
Please find the password for escape
There are three doors.
The number of the doors from which it can escape is one
You will do your best and I will escape!!
Please enjoy an escape game!

I am sorry for poor English

Three Droos Escape
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